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Corvette - An American Dream: Nov 15, 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gorgeous in Orange

Our Showcase Photo is changing again today. If you like orange, you're going to love the featured Vette this week. It was sent to me by my good friend David Howard. I'm going to rest my voice and let David tell you all about it.

I saw your post in the Corvette Forum and thought I would drop you a line and let you know I like your blog and enjoyed reading your comments. C-3’s as an era of Corvettes covers a lot of years and share at least three differing groups. The all metal bumper group (68-72); the one year only front urethane and rear metal bumper (73), and the urethane front and rear bumper years (74-82). All of them are C-3’s, some are more sought after than others, and there are now far more red ones than were ever built by GM.

I have a 1977 Corvette Orange original with 22K documented miles that I show locally. It was chosen for a Celebrity Choice Award at Corvettes at Carlisle this year and we were very proud to win this award. I am attaching a couple of pictures of it for your viewing and use if you wish. Much is known about this car through my research and this is one of two 1977’s that I currently own.

Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but after reading that, I'm wanting to see the OTHER 77 that David owns. Maybe it's a work in progress, under restoration, or not ready to be shown yet. In any case, I hope he is listening and sends us some photos of it.

If you have a Corvette and would like to share your story with the world, email me the info about it, as much detail as you wish, and three or four photos (jpeg would be the best).

If it's ready for a show, that's great. And if it's currently undergoing restoration, that's great, too. Here's the address: