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Corvette - An American Dream: Old Man Winter is on his way. (Repost from 10/23/08)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Old Man Winter is on his way. (Repost from 10/23/08)

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping in many parts of our country. Fall is winding down and winter will soon be rapping at the window.

If any of you live in the less tropical areas, I'm certain you have figured out that it will soon be time to put the Vette into hibernation for a long winter's nap. Here are some things you can to protect your investment and make sure everything is okay again when the warm breath of spring pushes the winter out for another year.

I've listed the minimum requirements below. Others readers may had additional items to add. If so, just click on that COMMENT link at the bottom and give us your information.

Gas Tank:
Fill the tank and add a bottle of Sta-Bil.
This prevents condensation.

Put a battery tender on to keep the voltage up.
Obvious benefit need not be explained.

Over-inflate to 40-45 pounds.
Prevents flat spots.

Fill exhaust tips with steel wool or cover with aluminum foil
Keeps rodents out.

Coat with Dielectric Gel (available from GM or your dealer or parts store)
Keeps it soft and supple.

Place some dryer sheets in an aluminum pie pan and place inside the car. Desiccants will help keep the moisture down also. Moth balls in pie pans will discourage rodent invasion. You can also place these in the engine compartment.

If you're lucky and Mother Nature decides to let the sun shine and melt the snow and ice, and you have a decent driving day, be sure to get the engine up to operating temperature before you quit driving for the day.

That's all I have. As I said, any additional advice or comments are welcome.


oakma said...

good job Michael , good reminders for everyone .

oak mayes

Auto Body Grants Pass said...

Definitely a great collection of reminders! Hope you could repost again this winter season :)